perjantai 7. maaliskuuta 2014

too lazy for mockups

A little entry about the new plugsuit, though there's nothing too spectacular to report about in it. The design is much more simple to make than her original suit, since this one is basically just a skintight suit, and it doesn't have all the plugs, nodes and 3D tidbits that one has.

keskiviikko 5. maaliskuuta 2014

The Body Issue Cosplay Clash

Ok, I'm going to talk about something that I've though about for a looong long time now, and mostly because I just want to get it down somewhere. There has been a lot of conversation about body, looks and cosplay, but this isn't about that discussion. (My thoughts on that can be summarized with 'cosplay what ever the hell you want')

This is about cosplay and what it can do to your bodyimage, and it's going to be a bit personal.

The Frostbite and wait what happened?

 Better late than never -seems to be my practice with these entries but better late than never rite?
I didn't have anything special thought for this time, except for the little workshop I already advertised in my earlier entry. Mostly the plan was to do tha thing, then spend rest of the con going to lectures and panels and meet friends.
 The workshop went quite well, I think(hope). There were definitely more people than I anticipated, which was good, but since it was the first time and I wasn't exactly sure about the equipment etc. before starting I did get some improvement ideas for the next time. And yes there's going to be a next time! I was asked to keep the workshop in Desucon as well, so if you missed Frostbite fear not, you will have another chance there~

I had one photoshoot agreed before hand, and one surprise one that made me incredibly happy and I can't wait to get the photos from that one I know they're gonna be goooood ah!
Some of them were with the darling Ilona, apparently a few more NGE costumes were supposed to come but didn't manage them in time for the con... Here, imagine my sad face for a second :( But more about those when they publish!

The best Ritsuko