Everyone loves Ivy

A year ago I started feeling like really wanting to make an Ivy costume, so I started googling different versions for one I could use as a starting point. That's when I  found the covers for the Everyone loves Ivy story. I really liked the contrast with the black & green and decided to use this one. I also really liked the design of the body and the fact that it has a structured part.

Photography by Chamira

This was going to be a small light costume so I started looking for a suitable fabric, and didn't even consider ordering an exact copy. I ordered a beautiful green floral satin for this.

I hadn't done a non-strechy bodysuit or a bunnysuit type body before so I had to start with making the pattern. I have to admit it was a real hassle though, because I thought I'm going to do it "properly", taking measurements and making the calculations for the pattern.. This did not work AT ALL for me. So I ended up draping the pattern and making adjustment on couple of mock ups. I seem to work far better this way in general.
Since I have a high hip and a rather short waist, the garments shape is quite interesting.

After I was happy with the mock up I felt confident enough to cut into the satin. I'm fairly happy that I managed to sew the whole thing pretty neatly. It is made of two layers, a heavier sturdy lining and the satin on top. I was planning to include an extra strength layer in the middle, but it was making the body too thick and affecting the shape. In the end it really didn't even need the extra layer, the two main ones hold up well on their own.
The pattern doesn't sit perfectly over the behind, but hopefully I can work on it the next time I use it. Fitting and fixing pattern issues right behind your lower back is pretty difficult on your own, so I was satisfied enough after spending and entire afternoon on it already.

Next up I made the ivy leaves. I ordered a bunch of plastic garland, cut the leaves in to a bit smaller different sizes and sewed them into small clusters with fasteners at the base. So I can snap them on and off the costume, if I need to iron or clean either of them.

Next was the breastplate or decoration. I made the base from EVA-foam, with a bit of foamclay in some parts, and covered it with Thibra. Then it was sanded and primed, painted and attached to the bodice with magnets.

The shoes were painted using Mod Podge, and I made a simple turtleneck shirt and gloves from black lycra. I also made wines for around the wrists but didn't wear them at Frostbite because I was working and they would've made using the camera a lot less convenient. This was a nice little project and I was happy to get to work on a bunnysuit type of pattern!

These were kindly taken by @Anniilaugh(Twitter)

P.S. A pocket fits just nicely inside under the breastplate ;)

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