The North Remembers

I have a ton of costumes I want to make so when I go to a fabric store I always keep my eyes open for opportunities like discounts and just simply perfect fabrics. Earlier this year I visited Turku for work and found this great Sansa fabric for a really good price, and that's how I ended up doing it at this point. There are at least three costumes from Sansa I really want to make, and this was in all honesty at the bottom of that list but I'm still happy to have it made.

Not the exact fabric as the original but close enough.

The dress is very simple, long sleeved top, standing collar and the hem part was cut in triangles and put together. The hem has a cotton lining to give it some structure, the fashion fabric it self is quite soft. I left the hem to hang to prevent it from stretching later.

The spike and the chain I made quickly in Tinkercad and printed on my Anet A8, and the ring is made from pvc foam board. It was easiest to print the rings separate and then weld together after sanding (though also the most annoying and time consuming part).

So the rest is done but I'm missing the leather vest now, and the little inner collar but that's easy enough once I get back to this costume. The next challenge is finding and buying the leather for the military spirited vest. I did make the pattern ready, to make it easier to count the amount I need.

Figuring out the layers.

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