Hannah Alexander Artworked Zelda

 I have several versions of Zelda on my cosplay list, and apparently this Hannah Alexander fan work version is the first one of them I ended up tackling. The biggest reason is honestly that it was so much simper than the other two in my most current plans. More specifically, I chose this sketch version A, there's just some sort of lightness I prefer in it compared to the finished version she went with.  

Art by Hannah Alexander

I started with a pink to light blue gradient chiffon, and used iPoly dye to get in the dark purple/pink shade in the middle.

The gold patterns are made from a shiny iron-on vinyl, which tends to get creases when bent and I wouldn't really recommend it because of that.. from the seller I got the impression the vinyl is soft so it's not what I would've preferred but I do still like the shiny look.
I added small champagne color rhinestones in two sized on the chiffon.


For the tabard I used a strip from the chiffon, layered it on a felt base and ironed on the gold vinyl. Then enclosed the edges with a gold faux leather.

Then for the shoulder straps, I used a leftover strip from the bottom of the chiffon, and dyed the top of it with purple.


So the bottom part is pretty much done, I've done the lower shoulder armor and 3D printed some of the pieces that attach to the corset.

For the corset I modified an existing pattern. The lining layer has the boning channels in a pretty conventional shape, and the fashion layer is separate with specially placed seams and the gold fake leather sewn on. Next up I should start figuring out the placements of the laces and adding attachments for the jewelry bits.

So this is were I'm currently with this particular costume, I'll have it done for the summer because some photos would be nice so stop by later for part 2!  

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