Another day, a different dream perhaps

I don't quite have photos of Tink yet, just a selfie to share, but hopefully I'll have some to show later.

Close up selfie of a Tinkerbell cosplay

After Tracon I started on a smaller costume. During my 2-3 years of chronic fatigue I was still pretty good at gathering materials and fabrics, so my current aim is to reduce the stash I've managed to stock.. I figured the fastest way right now is to get some simpler smaller costumes out of the way. 

The first one is Alice's Misstitched dress from Alice Maddness returns. I was originally (years ago) planning to make another one of her costumes but at some point just realized that I actually kinda really like this one. I also happened to find most of the skirt fabrics from a recycling center on one go so I figured it might be the universe's way of steering me towards it. 

I've made fairly good progress, but there's been some parts that have slowed me down and taken a little more time. 
I started with the gloves. Pretty straight forward, but it took surprisingly long and lots of work to fiddle with the patterns and sew the stripes. I found a white scrap of lycra to use from my boxes for these. The ruffle is still missing the sequins, but I'll add them all at the same time later.

The underskirt was simple, I added couple of layers of organza, and will still need to check the lift before calling it done. The stripes on the top layer were stitched on by hand. I tried to make it look like they've been hand stitched on, I felt it fit the theme.
I still need to stress the hem edge once everything's put together and I can check the length as well.

Next I started on the apron. The top layer is loosely woven linen, and the lining is basic cotton. These are also from recycling/leftovers from my storage.The lace pieces were embroidered on a stiff organza. I made couple of different tests before settling on a style I liked the most. Because each of the lace pieces was different, I made a print to figure out the layout.
The raised edges are felt strips covered with the linen fabric. It still needs to be properly weathered which I'm already dreading because it looks so nice and white as it is.. 

Next up are the apron pockets, that I'm currently working on. I've also started on the shirt, which is currently partly put together, and I've made the Omega pendant and buttons(3D printed) that still need to be painted.

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