Is it mad to pray for better hallucinations?

 Been a while since I posted about working on Alice Misstitched version, so here's the rest of the WIP's since the costume's finally finished.

In the end what I though would be a fairly "fast and simple" costume to make, it was possible to put a lot of hand stitching and other fiddling in it, which made it a lot longer project than I originally anticipated. 

Photo by rricodere(IG), edit me

Since I sewed the stripes on by hand, it took a long time to finish the top skirt. The shape is still the hardest part for me, and I keep pulling myself back from wanting to make it wider. Alice's skirts are not actually very puffy or wide, they are quit narrow and long. The mostly vary in length, Misstitched being one of the longest with Steamdress and Silk Maiden being shorter. But I think I've been accustomed to people making them rather wider than narrower, so my brain is constantly making me feel like it should be..more.

The edge of the petticoat is sewn on a fold, and the top part is shallowly scallop shaped. It makes the edge puff softly, rather than fold. 

If you look at the stripes in the game art, they are fuzzy, rather than clearly defined, so I went through the edges with some black color to soften them. The difference is kind of small but also very noticeable at the same time. Obviously I made a pocket but instead of the side seam it's hidden under the apron.
after putting it together I stressed the edge of the hem with a Dremel sanding bit.
The yarn was simply pulled through holes and sewed in place.

The apron needed to be weathered before attaching the pockets on it and it to the skirt. I simply used diluted liquid acrylics and eye shadows for the work, and I think it'll still need another layer of grime later.  

Under the shirt I have a shaper to give some posture. I made the bias tape from satin and stitched on by hand, I just didn't feel like having top stitching visible. They were a convenient way to cover all the seams and darts in the bodice and sleeves. Under the placket is a zipper. Looking at the reference you can see a darker orange around the stripes again, so I used an eye shadow to bring them out more.
The pattern on the collar I cut with a soldering iron and hand stitched on, then also weathered a bit along the edges. You can see a small difference between the treated and untreated sides in the last photo. 
The pink cord was white cotton that I simply dyed pink, the same one is in the Omega necklace. The necklace is btw not really a necklace, it's attached with snaps on the shoulder seams under the collar so it stays in place somewhat.

The dots on the glove and sleeve ruffs are not too clear, so I wanted something that wasn't too opaque and I'm quite happy with how the milky sequins worked.

I didn't really photograph making the boots, the straps are faux leather and the buckles from a PVC foam sheet. The boots however are just a loan from another costume since I didn't realize that May-June is not really the season for black leather boots so I'll simply need to swap them to better boots once I find a good pair.



Hollow Yves is one of the fun parts in the costume. The bow is fabric covered felt, and I 3D modeled & printed the head. The bow attaches to the waistband with two big snaps.

Alice is still missing a prop or two though! I'm obviously wanting to make the Vorpal Blade but honestly I think the Vorpal Cleaver will come first. Just personally I feel like it matches the Misstitched somehow better. 

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