lauantai 23. syyskuuta 2017

Otoyo photoshooting

We went to have a long, long looooong over due horsie photoshoot with Mialiina, and I recently got a new Canon Gx7 for vlogging and travel purposes so I wanted to start and try to test that out. I'm patiently and eagerly waiting to see the actual results of the shoot, but here's a silly little vid of the day ^^

(I just felt like doing the make up part in the beginning, it's not the complete routine with all the products shown here. Just trying to learn how to film different things. Also I'm still trying to learn the settings so sorry about that too.)

keskiviikko 16. elokuuta 2017

Roxie rocks Chicago

Some costume notes! Like I said previously Chicago is something I've always wanted to make a costume from, but it took a while before I had the epiphany of what it should be. Afterwards it just seemed so clear I felt kinda doofus for not thinking about it earlier.

tiistai 20. kesäkuuta 2017

Crime of The Century

The blog has been a bit on the quiet side simply because I've been too busy to update. Shame! But here's one of the reasons though, last weekend was the Desucon Eurocosplay preliminaries that I took part in. The reason to my quietness (and busyness) is mostly that a) I ended up having two jobs b) I was trying to get some convention work done and c) because of these I wasn't sure if I could actually finish my contest entry on time. Luckily (somehow) I managed, with enough time for good night sleeps before the event. I even did a little tour to Animecon NL the previous weekend! Here's just a little something to get my thoughts out on the competition it self.

Roxie rocks the stage - Photo by Sami Räbinä

tiistai 14. helmikuuta 2017

Wintercostume at a wintercon, say what!

Start of the year and so on. Desucon was the first convention of the year and so on. And so enjoyable again, I never get to do all the things I'd want and hung out with all the people I'd want because time just flies away. But hey, I made a new costume!

Photo by Niew Photography

tiistai 29. marraskuuta 2016

I made some costumes, I really did

Time the get off my ass and update a bit of the costumes I worked on for WCS! I'll write about the trip it self in some separate entries~

We ended up choosing to bring five costumes for the events. WCS only requires minimum of 3 costumes (finals + 2), but we felt more comfortable with several costumes in case one gets ruined or simply too gross&sweaty to wear. We chose one more intricate costume pair for the red carpet, and the rest based on what would be easy and comfortable to wear in the heat of Nagoya. One criteria was also that Yumi wasn't in a good position to make lots of new costumes, so we chose something she'd have at hand already. Those ended up being Mia Fey from Ace Attorney and Catherine from Catherine. To pair them I made Maya(Ace Attorney 6) and Trisha.

Lightning Returns was one of our options for the qualifiers last year, so it ended up being quite an easy thing to choose for the red carpet. Afterwards we also decided on Asuka's and Rei's school uniforms from Evangelion. They ended up being an excellent choice for the courtesy visits day.

lauantai 23. heinäkuuta 2016

From convention to convention to convention... to Japan?

Well it's almost six months since my last update, because I've simply been too busy to update. Yeah right? Well honestly, saying I've been too stressed to update would be a more correct way to put it. In between has been five conventions, so I'm going to do a small recap of those and then... our flight to WCS is leaving in just five days. Yikes!

The Cosvision table representing at Yukicon.
A fairly long post a head, even if I'm mostly skimming through the events.

torstai 31. joulukuuta 2015

2016 comes rushing in... are you ready?

I feel like I just made a year review ...a year ago. How did the time flew by so fast? I'm not going to blabber about what I made and so on because I've made couple of pretty detailed posts about my costumes while posting wip's and telling about the process a bit, and most of them in one single post because I was too busy in the spring to post about them... so yeah! In stead I made a nifty pic showing all of them in one row, except the latest, which is't quite finished and I obviously I don't have any photos to show (but it's almost done, and would be more so if I wasn't still waiting for one of the fabrics I ordered to arrive...) but I count it mostly done this year so in the 2015 row it goes.
(I did the same with Azula, while I still had some details to finish I counted it to 2014).

Hellena & Gwendolyn - Niew Photography, Asami - Jussi Sorjonen, Amir - Mikael Peltomaa

The highlight of course being able to finally make Amir and placing in WCS preliminaries, I have to say I very much enjoyed Gwendolyn and I'm very happy with the over all look of it. Gwen and Amir both have a special place in my heart . I'm also ridiculously excited (ridiculously as in I'm not sure why I'm so excited rather than the vastness of the excitement) for the nearly-done-actually-a-season-fitting-costume.
I was hoping I could've finished more costumes, but I'm happy I was able to not go under five at least. Amir being quite labor intensive I call this year a success all in all. On top of these costumes I've done a couple of small commissions and some pieces for other costumes that I have waiting for their turn to be made(patterns, small props, bought fabrics...) so it's not like I did only what's shown here. On contrast, I didn't get to do photoshoots that I hoped/was planning for because honestly, the whole summer I worked on Amir every day. Way to go Amir, I still love you. A good cosplay year~

This year I also:
- finally bought actual patternpaper and it was 100% the best decision.
- bought fabric markers for Amir's sake and it was 100% the best decision
- gave in and made an instagram account for cosplay things

This beginning year I hope to be more productive. I'm super excited for the WCS adventure and also plan to work on improving my own photography. Have a nice 2016 everyone!

photo used - Mialiina Photography, graphics courtesy of Google imagesearch
P.S. I have a small kiriban giveaway planned for my facebook page that's not very far now, so stay tuned!