Desucon 2013

I just want to say that I had the most amazing con, thank you everyone who I met and talked with! Here's my bunch of photos. Some of them are taken by me and some by my friend(Kalae) to whom I gave my camera to babysit every now and then. This time there are no photos of the competitions because I didn't really have a chance to keep the camera with me for reasons, plus my photos of the stage are always so sucky anyway I think it's best to look at what the official professionals took.

I made a Kasumi Goto's red loyalty version cosplay for Desucon, but I will talk about it later in a separate entry when I get photos from different photographers.

I'm still all doki doki about the weekend, that's how much fun I had meeting all the people and all the things I got to do there ; u;

For credit's sake I have divided the pictures so that the first bunch are the ones I took and the second bunch is Kalae's photos(in no particular order).

Feel free to use the photos as you wish, but I would be grateful if you credit them. If you find a photo of yourself you don't want being up, let me know and I'll take it down.

You know how some people want to make Belle or Cinderella or Aurora... Well Amira here has been and still is my 'princessdress'. I'm just so bummed I didn't realise to take a better picture! I must've seemed really annoying, I think I went at least three times to oooh and aaaah this costume (it would've been even more but I had some selfcontrol..)
(Some day I'll have the funds to make this grrrr!)

This was my delightful cosplay of Desucon 2013, I'm sorry I came by jumping up and down after recognizing this ^^;

Kalae' photos, edited by me:

A little head's up, my friend had the camera when I was posing for other people so that's why she also took a lot of photos of me aka that's why Kasumi is in most of her photos. I hope that made sense~
Samara is Dashiana

Maybe I'm trying to preach her some harsh realities of life?

Let's end with some sisterly love. 


  1. Heips, olen tuo kolmannen ja neljännen kuvan Totori-cossaaja. Sitä vaan kysyisin, että saanko laittaa nää kuvat mun blogiin ja/tai deviantarttiin, kun mulla ei oo oikein ittelläni kuvia tästä asusta :D? Laitan kyllä kuvaajalle credut !

    1. Hei! Voit käyttää kuvia ihan vapaasti, crediittiä arvostaisin :) Puvussasi oli muuten aivan ihanat värit!


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