maanantai 21. syyskuuta 2015

Cloth is very important

So let's start with a bit of how I made Amir. Like I said earlier this has been a dream costume of mine ever since the manga started, but I didn't start working on it right away. Firstly, I knew it would be really labor intensive and there always seemed to be reasons to make other costumes. Secondly I knew I wanted to use good materials and that takes money.  So I kept having it on my 'someday' folder until we were discussing our options for the WCS preliminaries and yumi brought Otoyomegatari up as one of the possibilities. Honestly I felt like this would be the perfect place for this cosplay, what ever happened in the actual competition. I'm really happy I got to bring Amir to a stage.

Photo by Mikael Peltomaa

lauantai 12. syyskuuta 2015

Tracon X marks the spot!

Oh boy where to start. So much has been going on with me not really having time to update. I'm still lagging behind with posting some making of stuff from.. sheesh ever since Azula. I will get to those after this, things won't be chronological but I want to update while this is still fresh!
And I'm of course talking about the Tracon X's WCS preliminaries for 2016! And we won! What!
We're going on an adventure next year with YumiKoyuki! I can't!

Photo by Kizzy