tiistai 29. marraskuuta 2016

I made some costumes, I really did

Time the get off my ass and update a bit of the costumes I worked on for WCS! I'll write about the trip it self in some separate entries~

We ended up choosing to bring five costumes for the events. WCS only requires minimum of 3 costumes (finals + 2), but we felt more comfortable with several costumes in case one gets ruined or simply too gross&sweaty to wear. We chose one more intricate costume pair for the red carpet, and the rest based on what would be easy and comfortable to wear in the heat of Nagoya. One criteria was also that Yumi wasn't in a good position to make lots of new costumes, so we chose something she'd have at hand already. Those ended up being Mia Fey from Ace Attorney and Catherine from Catherine. To pair them I made Maya(Ace Attorney 6) and Trisha.

Lightning Returns was one of our options for the qualifiers last year, so it ended up being quite an easy thing to choose for the red carpet. Afterwards we also decided on Asuka's and Rei's school uniforms from Evangelion. They ended up being an excellent choice for the courtesy visits day.