Wintercostume at a wintercon, say what!

Start of the year and so on. Desucon was the first convention of the year and so on. And so enjoyable again, I never get to do all the things I'd want and hung out with all the people I'd want because time just flies away. But hey, I made a new costume!

Photo by Niew Photography

After WCS I've had like three(well I always have more but they way I count this is kind of fluid) costumes I've been working on, and around the Christmas I made a decision of a fourth one I'm aiming to finish for Desucon this year. But since none of these was ready, or would be ready before Frostbite I decided I'd finally make Kahvi from Elfquest. I planned this costume for a year ago already, but you know how hard it is to try and find a winter fabric in yellow? Took me a whole year and I went abroad a few times in between as well. But yeah, so finally I found the fabrics and got two very busy weeks to try and squeeze in a bit of cosworking time.

This particular design is seen in her own sidestory where she's goes on a trip to discover her own past and heritage.
such CG, such colors
I didn't have time to make the hiparmor, and the spear could use some finishing touches but the funny thing is it actually doesn't even matter because the artist drew a whole page where (I think) they forgot she was supposed to have the armor and the glove details. Going to add those now, since it's just a small task and then the costume is 100% done in my opinion.

For the colors I decided to follow more the better made coverart. All in all the costume and the color choices are the most inconsistent in anything I've worked so far.

baubles from clear worbla

Niew was gracious enough to snap a few photos in the evening!

At the convention I was really happy to do some working again, judging the costume contest and also cohosting the Worbla workshop this time.

Our little judgingteam, with Linda and Helena

These photos always make me so happy, I just want to congratulate them all over again ;~;

Last but not least after the workshop I had a small photoshoot outside with Elderx Photography on Sunday! Thank you so much for these pics <3

Oh, and happy Valentines day everyone! It was a joy to make friends with our Swedish darling, Tenkou cosplay  xD