'Your, like, armorthing'

I'm a rather shy person to show my progress pics before the costume is actually finished, mostly because I'm often a bit insecure about finishing them. But this time I'm rather confident about this one, so what a better way to start your blog than with a new project!

I have noticed a lot of people doing this costume now, and it's understandable since the game is new and the design is pretty cool. For me this is my first time doing any kind of proper armor so I'm taking this as a learning project as well. I started with the right shoulder pauldron, as a test to see if I can manage it at all. It's seems all right for a first try, considering the material is simple camping mattress. Right now I've moved on to the back and front armors.
Luckily it seems I have plenty of time for this (for now, let see how it will be at the end of January!).
I'll try to post more pictures as the project continues.

Here's a little sneak peek for you how it turned out~ (It sit's a little funny since there is no way to attach them yet, but I hope you get the idea)

I still need to gather some materials for this but I was super lucky to find the silver fake leather from France for a very reasonable price! Sadly they didn't have any other metals, I would've stocked those as well, bah.

Here's also a picture of the pauldron on all of it's stages, gessoed and painted. I'm usually really bad at remembering to take wip-pics, or too enthusiastic about what I'm making that I would have a moment for it, but I'm trying to improve on it.

Sorry that the layout is still all-over the place(or actually really non-existent), I'm still trying to work on it with what little time I have and trying to find one that I like. Also I think my english is regressing... I'm really not accustomed to writing a blog but I hope I'll improve on the way~

Now what am I making? Well that's my insecurity kicking in again... If you guessed(it's not very hard if you've seen the character) then yay, but I'll get back to this next time when I have more ready.