about addressing cosplayers as 'fake geeks'

I saw this yesterday and it got me thinking that it doesn't quite hit the point(even though it makes a really good one). My opinion here is about mixing cosplay with the term 'fake geek', and not so much about the issue of 'fake geek' it self. (Also note that I am not talking in behalf of the whole hobby, this is just my two cents in the matter.)

I mean, why should being a geek have anything to do with cosplay? I consider myself to have geeky hobbies like cosplay, bjd's, anime, a bit of games etc... But I don't consider myself A geek. I consider myself a cosplayer in the first instance, and this got me thinking something I haven't considered before at all. Do people expect me to be a geek to do or because I do cosplay?

I watched Ilona's recent Desutalks lecture(only in finnish, sorry) about can cosplayers be considered as animeconsumers and why there is cosplay in the animeconventions in the first place and how do they relate, and I kind of feel this whole thing is the same just with a different name.
Cosplay is a hobby in itself, where you concentrate on replicating a character as closely as possible, and it's usually done for fun. Where as being a geek is another thing entirely, where you concentrate on consuming and learning what ever is associated with being a geek. There are probably those who are both in the mass, geeks doing cosplay, just as animeconsumers doing cosplay, but they might be a minority. I guess the reason they are considered by some people to belong together is because there is so much overlapping going on. It needs to be considered that most of the interesting costume and character design come from anime, comics, scifi and fantasy. And these things are not just 'geek' property, they are for everyone, are they not? Just because someone is not a geek doesn't mean they can't enjoy them, and express being a 'fan' in a way of cosplay for example. (And if someone thinks they are a geek because of enjoying certain things, who has the right to tell they really aren't.)

So yes, my opinion is that cosplay has nothing to do with being a geek and it should not be talked about in the same sentence, unless the person doing the cosplay claims to be a geek herself/himself. For example, I cosplay usually based on a design or appearance that speakes to me somehow. Where as I've watched TTGL way before I made a cosplay out of it, and I'm more than happy to discuss NGE with anyone, I have never played Diablo or BRS. When I cosplay something I don't know personally, I do my best to do research and find out something about the character, the setting and the series. This has nothing to do with trying to be a geek. It has everything to do with trying to be a decent cosplayer.
Of course I would love to be completely aware of the characters moods and settings and every slightest little detail that you only get through going through the entire game/series, and it makes me feel a bit sad if a fan of the said series comes forth and would like to discuss the details with me, but as I already had to tell one such said fan; 'I don't have time and money for everything. I have to choose between the costumes, or the games, so I choose the costumes.'
Now is that really such a bad thing? Because if I chose the game to please these geeks, I wouldn't be there with the costume. And the costumes are really what I'm interested of. I'm a cosplayer.

So to those who apparently go around pointing out these 'hot chicks', 'cosplayers', 'fake geek girls' and telling they are fake geeks; no, they most probably are not fake geeks, they most probably are just cosplayers.

And why is there need for such an accusation as 'fake' in the first place? Can't there just be different levels of the said status? My schoolmates might call me a geek would they know about my cosplayhobby and I totally get it from their point of view, but compared to some really nerdy friends that I have, I consider myself only geek-curious. And I'm not ashamed to admit that, I'm not trying to be 'geek' like it's some sort of yearned social status around the internet. It's kind of the same thing Ilona answers at the end of her lecture to a viewer who asks about whether a person doing twenty costumes a year can be considered to be a more 'proper' cosplayer opposed to one only making two costumes a year, and yes the amount really doesn't matter if you consider yourself to be a cosplayer.

Now so this wouldn't be a text-only entry, have a couple of WIP pictures. About the costume, if you guessed Demon hunter for the last entry then you are correct. In a way I am starting to like this whole armor making, thought I'm still a little nervous about having enough time to finish this costume for Frostbite in February. (Not mentioning how nervous I am about how it will look in the end :s)
I have already at least started all the armorpieces, no worries~

Anyone else interested in trying a go at this costume? I found a very through out tutorial from Youtube while doing research, it has proven to be quite helpful so I suggest you check it out:

P.S. I've only seen these 'fake geek girl' -comments around, has anyone commented about fake geek boys? I'd be really interested to check some discussion about them if you can point to any.