Black Rock Shootin' at Tracon

I finally got rest of the photos of our small photoshooting at Tamperetalo last September in Tracon. Can you tell I'm such a novice at this posing stuff? I still have difficulties at being photographed, but it has taken work not to be completely awkward and I will definitely work hard to get better. If you follow me anywhere else *coughTumblrcough* you're already probably sick of seeing this costume, but it's the first time I have really proper photos of any so bear with me. There's even couple of where I actually like my face, how awesome is that!
I really wish though that I could do a photoshoot with someone and be behind the camera as well. I usually try to take general photos at conventions (not counting last Tracon since my trusty 10D finally decided it's time had come), but it would be soooo fun to actually have a photoshoot with a model.

Photos are taken by Jussi Sorjonen(a big thanks!), and I modified them slightly to my liking(they were awesome already, but I added a little tint to the grey ones)
The last three studiophotos are by Ida Isoherranen, which I also edited a teensy bit.

Dead Master by me, and Strength by my friend Riikka who has not yet made an account where I could link to. Having a friend to do this with was really great and seeing the photos of both of us makes me so happy, thank you!

Criticism, opinions, tips? Feel free to comment! This entry is photoheavy~