Desucon Frostbite 2013 photos

Frostbite was last weekend and confirmed at least three things for me a) I need a bigger SF card asap b) I need a better lens asap c) I don't want to go without a cosplay to another con ever again buhuhu. I did have super fun taking photos though. I tried my best photographing as many costumes as possible, but my card was full by Sunday morning... So many great things were left unphotographed! Now the only lens I can really use in conventions doesn't have an autofocus which means too many pics end up blurry.

I wish I get to upgrade my lens this year and practice more~ Here are my random photos from the con. If you find your own photo and would like it to be removed, just let me know. You're also welcome to use them as you wish but crediting would be nice.

I often bump into a costume that ends up just being simply delightful, this time it was this Silmarillion -inspired bearded dwarf lady.


And what about my cosplay? Well, being sick and having other important things to do ate too much time that I could've finished on time. (I might have been able to finish somewhat barely, but chose not to rush the final details) I will just wear it later. But I did a quick fitting however, so you can have a wip in form of a crummy cellphone picture:

Next ones will hopefully be proper ones already! I haven't even finished this one yet and I'm already pumped about starting several new ones, gosh. I mean... I think I smell a certain armored mermaid costume in my future.. yes.

I also did a little photoshooting with a friend at the con, but I will make a separate entry for that.


  1. Kamerajutut on niin hienoja, haluisin kanssa joskus saada rahaa putki-investoimiseen!

    Ja hei, voisinkohan saada sen musta ottamasi kuvan? En saanut ainuttakaan kuvaa siitä noin muuten otettua. :'D

    1. Joo toki, olisitko halunnut isommassa koossa kun tuon 800px(tai jopa muokkaamattoman alkuperäsen) ja haluatko sähköpostiin vai poimitko vaan talteen? Harmi olisin voinut koettaa ottaa kokokuvan samalla jos olisi tajunnut :(


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