maanantai 17. kesäkuuta 2013

Desucon 2013

I just want to say that I had the most amazing con, thank you everyone who I met and talked with! Here's my bunch of photos. Some of them are taken by me and some by my friend(Kalae) to whom I gave my camera to babysit every now and then. This time there are no photos of the competitions because I didn't really have a chance to keep the camera with me for reasons, plus my photos of the stage are always so sucky anyway I think it's best to look at what the official professionals took.

I made a Kasumi Goto's red loyalty version cosplay for Desucon, but I will talk about it later in a separate entry when I get photos from different photographers.

I'm still all doki doki about the weekend, that's how much fun I had meeting all the people and all the things I got to do there ; u;

For credit's sake I have divided the pictures so that the first bunch are the ones I took and the second bunch is Kalae's photos(in no particular order).

Feel free to use the photos as you wish, but I would be grateful if you credit them. If you find a photo of yourself you don't want being up, let me know and I'll take it down.