The Red Rose

Finally had a bit of time and energy to write about my Kasumi Goto cosplay. Some people asked me how long did I work on it, and I said on/off since Christmas but I liiieeeeeed. I'm sorry, I later realized it was on/off after Desucon Frostbite 2013, and finished for Desucon 2013.

I actually got to know this character by a friend's recommendation, and really liked the red&black design. Dashi told me she was making Samara for Desucon and I thought it's be great to have photos together.
While making I had huge doubts about the costume quality and wasn't really happy with it, but I've pardoned it since wearing it at the con. If you don't count that it's a mostly black full body suit with felt at places at a summercon, it is surprisingly comfortable to wear. I also always try to make sure that I can be independent with my cosplays, so it has pockets for money and cellphone.

The magical seamless formfitting spacehood is sewn from thick felt with some plastic'bones' to help it keep it's shape and then covered with the fabric and details. The sidegather is hidden under the black stripe.

The bodysuit was made basically so that I made a base suit, then made all the details separately and then attached them on the suit. All the materials are stretchy, and I used a lot of leftovers from other costumes. The silver vinyl is also from my 'general stash'. I also used felt in the wristlets and the legs to give them support.

Testing out the red parts

The belt-buckle, elbowthingies, toecovers and the golden details at the back of the hood are made from PVC-plastic sheet, it was my first try with the material and I will definitely use it again. It was the first time I used proper heat molding with any material and really liked the method. 

I was really overwhelmed by the feedback I got for this costume, thank you so much for anyone who commented ; u ; I always tend be bothered by the mistakes so badly that I may not really see if the costume is good or not so hearing comments(and critique) is so important. So thanks again! 
So I ended up being fairly happy with this cosplay. It's quite easy to transport, pretty comfortable, it's not showing any signs of coming apart and there's no crazy wig or make up or heels to put up with. The only thing I still need to fix is the lining of the hood. I made it a day before the con but was forced to take it off and didn't have time to redo it anymore at that point. For some reason I seem to be seriously failing at lining hoods recently...

But the best part about the costume/Desucon? I got to have some amazing pictures by two great photographers! You know how somehow the cosplay isn't really finished until you've got some proper (photoshoot) photos of it, this time I'm not even that bothered by not finishing the lining on time omg.

First are the amazing black wall -photos by Yumikoyuki

I was also happy to meet Niew Photography and schedule a photoshoot with him, thank you Niew it was a great experience! As a result some beautiful photos:

Thanks for making my Desucon -13 an amazing cosplay experience guys!

(I feel like my blog is so serious, I should start fixing that. Ft. Ilona!)


  1. Hi, found your work via the photographer Niew Photography on Deviant art. Your Kasumi is one of the best ive seen, especially the hood.

    There is an international Mass Effect group i belong to called N7Elite. Dont let the name fool you, we are all very laid back hehe and a facebook group -
    I think they would love to see your costume! Why not head over and join up :D


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