Long time no cosplay, wait no

I was supposed to update after Tracon 8, but somehow I stayed waiting for a few photos so that I'd have something to show and since I still haven't got them, it's been quite long... But here goes a little general up-to-date entry~ (And a little advertisement!)

I don't really feel like doing much of a sum up of 2013 since I didn't actually get that much done that year, though I did get to try new things which was super. I applied to be a cosplayjudge at Desucon and really liked the experience. I competed my self, too, actually placed with my Kasumi Goto, and also got some beautiful photos of the costume. My Demon Hunter is waiting for spring so we can go and have a little photoshoot with it. For this year I have lots of plans and the goal is definitely to finish more costumes than last year ^^

Next con where I'll be, will be Frostbite, and I will actually hold a little workshop there! It's a workshop for making plastic teeth that are perfectly formed for your own mouth, and will stay on with out any help of glue or other adhesives. I made my first pair of canine teeth at Ropecon, and the technique is so simple and easy to make and to wear! Sadly the person who held the workshop is no longer doing it, but I felt it'd be great to offer this knowledge to cosplay use as well, since many costumes require the pointy biters.
Sadly I don't have a pic that would show them very well, but I have used them in Alexstrasza for example

So if you have a costume in need of teeth, be big or small, fangs or rabbit or what ever you will, do come and stop by! It'll be from 18.00 to 19.30 at Koivu on Friday, right after the opening ceremony. I will be demonstrating every half an hour, so three times in total, but you can still drop in any time to see and participate. There's no material fee nor signing in advance, though the amount of participants is restricted to about 20 at a time.  

After the shameless advertising I can admit that I have cosplays on their way too. I was making one bloodsplattered kitty for Frostbite, but after a call for a NGE group on Twitter decided it was time to do the next Asuka first. After Tracon I thought I'd really love to do something fairly simple and quick for a change, so this was pretty perfect timing too. I have roughly estimating 70% ready, just need attach the main pieces together and add all the details and it'll be good to go~ Though while working I kinda decided that I probably must do her third version after this as well... I also have the materials for a hoodie and was already eyeing asuka-themed leggins and nightie.... I may have some feels for her. Possibly. 
I actually took two wip photos, not something I usually do for bodysuit 'cause they won't look much unless worn.

I have two major annoyances with this, but I'll get to them later with a sum up after it's finished. I'll continue the cosplay I was making after this, but I doubt I'd finish that too before Frostbite. That one for Cosvision then?

I have a feeling I haven't mentioned here before but I started on a little side cosplay in the fall as well. The point is that I have an extra project running a long side that's not so serious and doesn't have a deadline, so when I feel like I want to take a brake from something I can proceed with that one. I tackled Syndra from League of Legends as such. Here are some progress shots for fun:

Also decided it's time to finally dig up one the unfinished projects, wipe the dust and finish it. So hopefully I'll have Honda ready some point during summer. (Someone familiar with Horizon might point out that Honda doesn't have the red stripe, but these were taken when I still hadn't settled on Honda, and considered another character instead. It's not there anymore and I have already finished the basic suit, but I just haven't taken any other photos of it. Yet.)

Of course all this is just the tip of the ice berg! I have soooo many costumes on my immidiate 'do'-list that I haven't even dared to count them. On retrospect, I should probably take a photo of my cosplay-wall to show. For a nice end, here's an example of how I store my DM scythe, because it makes a mighty fine tapestry in our livingroom.

Oh, I also ordered some business cards last fall! I'll try to keep some with me at all cons, it'll be easier to give my contacts to people who might be interested in checking out my blog ^^