From convention to convention to convention... to Japan?

Well it's almost six months since my last update, because I've simply been too busy to update. Yeah right? Well honestly, saying I've been too stressed to update would be a more correct way to put it. In between has been five conventions, so I'm going to do a small recap of those and then... our flight to WCS is leaving in just five days. Yikes!

The Cosvision table representing at Yukicon.
A fairly long post a head, even if I'm mostly skimming through the events.

The first convention of the year was Desucon Frostbite. I was working as a photographer and had the greatest time, despite getting some really distressing news right before. Becacuse of that I also didn't bring any costumes. I was working on one, but after the postoffice sat on my fabrics for two months, I did a really simple extra costume on the last week before the con. Alas, I didn't feel like dressing up by the weekend at all. But I still had a good time. On top of all, I was happy to meet Shinji and we had a quick small impromptu shoot  which I need to get back to after my trip because both her and then me have been super busy with WCS stuff. My favorite part was probably the ECG preliminaries.

Next was Yukicon, also working as a photographer. I didn't have any arranged shoots but I was super delighted when Yumi asked if I could take a few extra photos of their small extempore Life is Strange group. I have to mention at this point that I'm very passionate about trying to take good photos, and trying to improve but I'm also super self conscious about my work, and I think at this point I started to feel like there's finally a bit of something I can be happy about in the photos. I have so much work before I can call my self decent, but I hope I manage to improve little by little. Having a lot of practice has clearly been a step to the right direction. Also I really love it that I've befriended some photographers but I'm still super shy to talk about photography with anyone... even though I would really love to... but I'm afraid I'll just reveal how little I actually know...... -///-;;;

(Life is Strange: YumiKoyuki cosplay as  Max Caulfield, Chamira cosplay as  Chloe Price, Toni Ojakangas as  Mark Jefferson, Jenna Leskelä as  Kate Marsh).

Just agreeing on some issues with a fellow staffmember here feat. Mialiina

Next was Winter Nekocon where I went for the first time and this time, I was judging their cosplay competition. I did take my camera too though, a quick little shoot with Ilona , and my lovely co-judge Yaci  was kind enough to take a few pics of Asami. (of which I've still only shared one photo so far I think, I need to share more after the trip!) I also held the Worbla workshop here~

Lovely Ilona

After that followed Cosvision. Oh Cosvision. I was asked to have the workshop again, I agreed to help out Studio Zahora with theirs (who was such a lovely person and I'm happy we got to meet), and on top of that did some photography shenanigans and judging. Lot's of running around, but I enjoyed everything. I also loved meeting both Kairi and Erza, so all in all pretty 5/7 convention. From a staff perspective there were some small issues, but I really hope Cosvision can evolve and grow with time. The biggest treat? Photos by Zahora. Here's one so far:

Motoko Kusanagi, photography by Studio Zahora

YumiKouki, Ezra and Elina. Just add cosplay.

Aaaand proof that I actually remembered to use my polaroid!!

After Cosvision it was time for Desucon. I was proud to be part of the ECC judges so I didn't apply for photography this time (though I still had a small but lovely shoot in the woods with an awesome LoL group). I also had a workshop here as well though. What else to say, Desucon = good time. I wish they will move the cosplay contests back to Saturday though.
I got Wonder Woman out of the cellar for this, because I really don't have photos showing the costume that well and I managed to book a quick little shoot from Mialiina!

I'll post all the photos together at a better time ^^
Major Kusanagi again for the second day

Before Desucon I took part in a small pilot project Cosvision contacted me for: the Worldcraft Movie previewing with Finnkino. I think this was the first time cosplayers were used in promoting anything in Finland so it was quite am interesting experience. I dug my old Alex from it's box, (that I had been contemplating of throwing away because I didn't think I'd ever wear it again), remade most of the armor and took her out for a spin. It was actually fun, we were taken care of by Cosvision and Finnkino staff and I felt the reception at the moviethreater was generally positive and interested.
Now that I somewhat fixed her up a bit I thought I might try to get one more photoshoot at least with her.

Posing in front of the poster with Quirky cosplay and Noora cosplay

So yeah! I feel like I haven't done much this spring costume wise, but then I try to remind myself that I've actually done four costumes for WCS on top of having done another version of Motoko, renewed Alex's armors, and those one simple and one half-finished ones I was making for Frostbite. I just haven't been able to wear others besides Motoko anywhere yet. But have a couple of wip's:

Almost forgot I also made a small commission work for a dear friend: a tiara and a clockprop from Idolmaster CG:Starlight stage.

So there's a small recap, I'll try to post a small pre-WCS post also before leaving! I also promise to take and share more WIP's in the future, when I don't have a big friggin' deadline hanging above my neck stressing me out xD