2016 comes rushing in... are you ready?

I feel like I just made a year review ...a year ago. How did the time flew by so fast? I'm not going to blabber about what I made and so on because I've made couple of pretty detailed posts about my costumes while posting wip's and telling about the process a bit, and most of them in one single post because I was too busy in the spring to post about them... so yeah! In stead I made a nifty pic showing all of them in one row, except the latest, which is't quite finished and I obviously I don't have any photos to show (but it's almost done, and would be more so if I wasn't still waiting for one of the fabrics I ordered to arrive...) but I count it mostly done this year so in the 2015 row it goes.
(I did the same with Azula, while I still had some details to finish I counted it to 2014).

Hellena & Gwendolyn - Niew Photography, Asami - Jussi Sorjonen, Amir - Mikael Peltomaa

The highlight of course being able to finally make Amir and placing in WCS preliminaries, I have to say I very much enjoyed Gwendolyn and I'm very happy with the over all look of it. Gwen and Amir both have a special place in my heart . I'm also ridiculously excited (ridiculously as in I'm not sure why I'm so excited rather than the vastness of the excitement) for the nearly-done-actually-a-season-fitting-costume.
I was hoping I could've finished more costumes, but I'm happy I was able to not go under five at least. Amir being quite labor intensive I call this year a success all in all. On top of these costumes I've done a couple of small commissions and some pieces for other costumes that I have waiting for their turn to be made(patterns, small props, bought fabrics...) so it's not like I did only what's shown here. On contrast, I didn't get to do photoshoots that I hoped/was planning for because honestly, the whole summer I worked on Amir every day. Way to go Amir, I still love you. A good cosplay year~

This year I also:
- finally bought actual patternpaper and it was 100% the best decision.
- bought fabric markers for Amir's sake and it was 100% the best decision
- gave in and made an instagram account for cosplay things

This beginning year I hope to be more productive. I'm super excited for the WCS adventure and also plan to work on improving my own photography. Have a nice 2016 everyone!

photo used - Mialiina Photography, graphics courtesy of Google imagesearch
P.S. I have a small kiriban giveaway planned for my facebook page that's not very far now, so stay tuned!