The Cosplay SM aka The Finnish Cosplay Championships

Just a quick word because, what the hell, I was there and I guess I need to acknowledge that too.

And no pictures because. Because.
It was not like your average cosplay/anime/whatever convention at all.  I knew it wouldn't be a con, and that it would just be about the competition, but it was quite a culture shock because the whole event was so clearly a TV production, not an event. That's all fine and dandy and the only reason I'm a bit puffed about it is because I didn't know to prepare to be a part of a production because I've never been in one. I actually asked if I could've been a photographer earlier this year and I'm sure I might have different views if I was on the working side of this, but since I ended up getting a ticket, I expected to be a paying customer and not an 'extra'. TV audiences are usually free attendance and that's just my two cents of how it should be. I think the problem might have been that the competition was started as an event, and then the production was included later but the attendance fee stayed the same?
Also in my humble opinion Gloria was quite an anticlimactic venue for the whole thing, considering how hyped the whole contest was in the circles. As an audience member that was sitting a bit further, I didn't really see the skits below the knees. Considering all this, would I pay 15€ again to be an extra with no proper view of the show... maybe not.

In spite of all this the costumes and skits looked rad and I'm happy that the competitors and hosts pulled everything through beautifully. I'm hoping it looked good on TV and got some positive attention for this awesome hobby. If they arrange this exactly the same way next year... meeeh not sure if I'd go as a viewer. But I might participate u_u