WIP's, WIP's everwhere

Ok I have four costumes worth of WIP's to post so here it is. Since it's been a while I'm not sure if I have that much to say of each of them so this shall mostly be a pic heavy run through.

Master WIP post - GO *

An avatar group happened last Yukicon and I already wrote a little bit about it here.

My favorite part of this costume
Baby's first lace front wig
first time ventilating
instantly hooked

starting to layer the top knot over the felt

I made the armor from felt because I wanted it to have some flexibility. Also covering it with fake leather gave it a nicer surface that just painting it at this point in my opinion. I used wool for the tunic, gold parts are vinyl for the same flexibility reasons. It doesn't sit perfectly (how is there no 4-way gold vinyl that you can buy reasonably in this world, how???) but this costume was mostly made for fun, and to hang out with the Avatar gang.

How to make Firenation royal worthy boots: 
Step 1 - take the ugliest free loafers you can find 

Step 2 - add worbla for the persian tips 

Step 3 - boots

Azula's Firenation armor is definitely not the easiest cosplay to make well because shape of the design is not actually very feminine, or girly, but still the air of the character is. She's drawn in a way that despite the armor, she looks like the girls she is underneath. At least for me, it's easy to make it a bit too 'butch' and I wish I'd actually managed to make it a bit more dainty. But eh I didn't do this so seriously anyway I'm not going to dwell on it.

For Frostbite I decided for some crazy reason to squeeze Hellena, and wrote I little about it here.

It's was very difficult to find a proper back reference for Hellena, and I only had one small pretty low resolution one to go by but I think I managed. The picture shows the basicshapes and in the middle of the back there's a grey circlet edged with black lines and with good will you can kinda think there's some sort of texture or lines in the grey area. I took a liberty to use black chiffon on top of the white fabric to create the effect.

This was the fist time I used bias tape in a cosplay, very convenient I must admit.

I used worbla to make sure the hearts curve with my thighs
I didn't want to stress the sensitive material and sew the spades on my stockings, so the small heart clips are sewn on the garter belt and they clip on the the top of the spades. The other ends have magnets so they'll stay in place

all dumpster dived, the petticoat and the foam

Sleeves in the making

For some reason I seem to think Ikea bags are a better way to transport your cosplay than, I dunno, luggage f.e.
I really wanted to have a photoshoot for this costume during the summer but I honestly had just no time :<

I was supposed to make Asami for Popcult in the spring, but since we had a deadline for the WCS portfolio I didn't have time to finish it on time. The portfolio was obviously more important of the two : D Plus the time between the conventions this spring was nonexistent.
So I finished it and wore in on Ropecon for a day instead. I really wanted to cosplay from Korra since the series started but it took me a really long time to realize I actually wanted to make Asami. I didn't really even consider her because she's feminine and pretty and I'm.... not. But I'm super happy I did because I actually really like this costume and think it might be one of my grab-alongs from now on. Maybe just take the jacket in a little and maybe new boots, the ones I have now are really way too big for me ^^;

 ...I'm pretty sure I have some photos of the making but I seem to have misplaced them. I'll add them when I happen to stumble on them at some point.

What I can share for now it is this tiny little tutorialish(but not really because you can find better tutorials on the internet) thingy about the two ways I've used to make widow's peaks:

I've been wanting to make Gwendolyn for aaageeesss and I was so happy I was able to crash yumi's little group for Desucon. Perfect excuse to finally finish this costume. I didn't stress too much about the quality, and I think because of that I had a lot of fun. I had a generous three weeks to pull this together even.

Would this count as a fashion statement?
The first time I used boning!(just plastic though) Will definitely do again. 

such lovely colorful armor
 Also the first time I used soft foam for armorparts. I'm definitely a bit iffy about it taking pressure but it worked on the little parts on this costume.

I freehand this kind of stuff yo

my professional method of patterning

the wings attach to loops on the dress with some velcro

And since I haven't posted any Gwendolyn photos here yet, have one for a sneak peak! 

photo by Mialiina cosplay photography

* Photocredits
Azula - YumiKoyuki
Hellena - YumiKoyuki
Asami - Jussi Sorjonen
Gwendolyn - Niew Photography


  1. Amazing progress! *_*
    And I must agree that Ikea bags are hella handy. lol

    1. Thank youuu! I love watching progress photos so I try to take them myself too when ever I happen to remember x3


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