A year review - because they are in this time of the year

Even though 2014 included lot of emotions both good and bad I have a generally 'good' feeling about it cosplaywise. I managed to make five costumes all together(well, Azula is still missing couple of zippers and some velcro as we speak but I will benefit her for 2014) which feels really nice since 2013 I only made two costumes. Mostly because I usually have so much going on, I can't work just on a cosplay. Though I have to admit I have been thinking about trying to change my approach and trying maybe 'binge-crafting' something in two weeks and get it over with? It might be ok way to work(and less stresfull) if you do it well before a con.

Asuka 3.0 was made for Frostbite after Ilona was asking if there would be any other Evangelion cosplayers. It was the first time I properly sewed shapes without top stitching and I still feel a bit proud of the red stripes for that. I still cherish thoughts of other Asuka versions with a bit better wig... Let's see what the last movie will bring us.

Nonon Jakuzure was a rather rush surprise job for Cosvision's invitation contest, and though the whole thing was a personal catastrophe I have later felt comforted of the feedback and a bit proud of how I did all in all in the contest despite everything. My preferred version would've been her Symphony Regalia but I didn't think I would've been  able to make it in such a short time, and didn't want to risk it. 

After Cosvision there wasn't much time left before Desucon and I needed something fairly simple and easy to make. Major Kusanagi had been on my list for a long time, so I decided to make her section 9 uniform. I had already made detailed plans for another version until I figured the leather jacket would be simply crazy and changed. Maybe I'll make the crazy detailed jacket version some day...

I also visited Animecon this year, the first time since it changed from Animecon-Finncon. I only went there to see Kaoru Mori, and I just wore Asuka again.

The Wonder Woman injustice version was mostly just a spur of the moment decision, I saw the concept art and just... it's a golden armor. And it was pretty simple, perfect practice for using EVA-foam. That's about it. I managed to finish it for Tracon just in time.

No photos of Azula yet because I'm going to be wearing it in Yukicon in a bit more than a week from now. We're gonna have a sweet group that Yumi attracted together. It's my first time in a real group and it feels like having a date! I haven't even been able to be nervous about the contest we entered.
I'll make a post of Azula after I get some actual photos of it worn.

ok maybe just a small photo

Lots of other general things happened too, I met new people and made new friends, had some awesome photoshoots, and made some really exiting plans with some really exiting people for 2015.
Especially since my few experiences with skits have been rather horrible I hope I'll have some much better ones.

For future plans... I have so many that I don't even count them. I have decided and started to work on a costume for Frostbite(no pants and barely a skirt it might actually end up in a frostbite) and I already keep wavering about if I can actually finish it on time or not. I had a reason to bring Kasumi for the second day but it has been postponed, so now I don't have to rush to finish the Phalanx for that either u_u The only thing I'll actually say is I'm supposed to make Gwendolyn finally for Desucon, I started on the first pieces back in 2009 I think. About time.
I have a huge folder of plans but no actual order for them. I generally pick the costumes based on if I happen to find the right material or there are other people doing something from the same series/movie/manga, or it fits a certain convention etc. Sometimes it's nice to do something a bit out of the blue(like WW) but it's also really satisfying to finally work on something you've been thinking about for a long time. Azula might not have actually happened, or at least in a long time if there suddenly wasn't a group that I was able to take part on. I also don't feel too comfortable about announcing that I'm going to make this and that until the costume is actually almost done, or most certainly will be done. It's so self disappointing if you then change your mind or can't actually finish something you've already advertised, and I'm maybe even a bit too careful with it sometimes.
Oh yeah and I need to finally finish Syndra too. I got contacts for her so that should help inspire me a bit~

I'm not too fond of the convention line-up for this year, Yukicon and Frostbite being so close together, then Ropecon is exceptionally in the spring right before Desucon... I have two costumes I would've loved to make for Ropecon but realistically it won't happen. Then there's nothing before Tracon in September. Though on the other hand I don't mind the free time before that. I'm just glad Cosvision is doing it's come back in 2016 instead of next year because the spring would just be too packed. It's also just a personal hope that Ropecon would return to July after they figure out their premises.

What better way to end the year than to share the gorgeous photos Niew Photography shot last February in Desucon Frostbite! I'm incredibly grateful that he took the time to photograph and edit these. Do check out his page for more beautiful photos and costumes!

May the new year be rich in fabric choices, vast in it's discount materials and generous with free time! May you finally learn that new skill and dazzle the audience with your skits!