Not all is gold that glitters

Somehow I feel like every time cons just go by faster and faster. This time we sort of started already on Friday with the Final Fantasy concert at Tampere-talo, and since I'm not that familiar with the original music I didn't know much what to expect. I thought is was a good move in general, I don't know how much your average convention-goers go listen to things like the philharmonic orchestra, so a right kind of theme might get even a little unconventional audience on the move. I enjoyed it, I heard later it differed so much from the original source that it was hard for some people to enjoy but like I said I didn't really have any expectations.

Again I only have a few photos. I left in such a hurry I forgot to check my lenses and ended up with only my 50mm which means piles..of blurry.. photos... Everything is from Sunday anyway, because I was wearing Wonder Woman on Saturday and wasn't really able to to carry the camera not to mention take photos very comfortably. You're free to use the photos with the mention of photographer, and if you want something removed just leave a comment or send a message. I was also somehow really shy to ask to take cosplayphotos at all, what's up with me??

I love how Elsa had her own valet attend to her train :)

Ilona as Gadget, pretty as always.

I was happy I was able to see almost all the cosplay competition entries both on Sat&Sun, only missing the two last WCS ones because of reasons(need to dig videos and check them later). I think in general the level of them was good, there were some superb ones and some a little 'what's going on' -ones, but I applaud all the contestants~ The placements were definitely deserved(congratulations to all the winners and especially the WCS pair they looked amazing ooooh) all though there was one I didn't really get but I trust that the judges knew what they were doing.

Then couple of things that came to my mind in general, first of: the audience and how people still don't know how to behave. There were some pre-skit yelling going on at couple of times, and then the odd couching. I didn't understand the coughing, it was very rude and I was really surprised and upset about it. Things like that are not only rude for the contestants about to start their skit, but also to everyone else in the audience. At worst you might be throwing the all ready nervous cosplayers totally off their concentration. Also it's cool that you want to be supportive of your friends on the stage, but there's a time and place for making noice and that's after the show. Nothing like that happened at the Final Fantasy concert *hint*. So please people, some common courtesy.

The second is just a little piece that caught my curiosity when I read a couple of other blogs and their thoughts about the contests. And I've read it before too several times. That there are people who 'expected more', 'were disappointed about the quality' or 'though there would be something more spectacular'. How much expectations are we really putting on these contests? I mean, the quality, I think, has been slowly going up the last couple of years, but it's still good to remember that for almost everyone, this is a hobby. We aren't professional costumers, or performers or play-writers or entertainers. (If you are, then good for you!) It's just people who like to do this for fun. For Hallcosplay, the ninjas pretty much have to cope with what's available in the time frame they have for scouting and what they come across. And not everyone who make flashy costumes wants to compete. I also think people who do simpler stuff shouldn't be put down because they aren't 'exciting enough' for a certain competition. It's not national opera we're doing here.

All in all good contests *applauds*. I was able to take some cosplayphotos! Yumi asked if I had time to take some photos of her Flemeth on Sunday and really I was so happy too yay the costume is so gorgeous though I don't think I'm talented enough to make full justice to it with my skills ;~; Anyway, I'm going to put her edits here because they came out better looking that mine (need to learn those editing skills, though it was fun to try fire on photos, for future endeavors  *coughAzulacouch*)

And last but not least, Wonder Woman. Despite being super busy with actual work for Tracon, I managed to finish it somehow for the convention. A wip of the shield:

And I was asked to join the HCHallcosplay wich was super awesome ; w ; Not in the least because of the results, though that was more than awesome too. Chatting with the other contestants and seeing their costumes up close is always a treat. I had so much fun and it was exiting! And then winning the whole competition, I mean, it's really difficult to judge your own work that objectively sometimes because you're the one who knows and sees every little mistake and thing that went wrong. And it's impossible to know beforehand what the judges appreciate and who will be awarded, so you kind of place yourself somewhere on the line but you can never really be sure.. This is the second time I've won and oh my god, it's so precious. I feel like I have more confidence to try something more challenging~ And speaking of that, I have a year to up my game.
(I tried to take a picture of my pretty trophy, but it's too shiny so it just turned out an awkward selfie reflecting all the crap around in the apartment buh)

Photo: Antti Aaltonen
Photo: Simo Ulvi

All the HCHallcosplay contestants
Photo: Antti Aaltonen
The top three
Photo: Maquecosplay
(Really, congratulations for the third and second place, that use softfoam on armor is beyond me and that war-machine was simply amazing, so functional!)

AG was kind enough to quickly take couple of photos of my costume before I went to take it off
 on Saturday, which was great since my feet hurt so much on Sunday I decided not to put in on again. Definitely not a two day costume, hardly a fullday costume either because curse those heels. The costume needs some little fixes, a little taking in, a bit more velcro here and there and then I'd love to plan a little photoshoot for this. That will probably have to wait until spring, since I managed to catch the con-plague(!) and the fall is rapidly closing in. But pretty pics!
Photos and editing by Emilia Lahtinen/AG

Now I'm going to go back under the blanket and hoping this sniffles goes over fast. Leaving you with a roll of a new material Ilona peddled for me at Tracon!

Your first roll of Worbla, use it wise young novice.


  1. Hnnngh, that gold armor looks so divine especially in stage lights! And once again, congrats for the 1st place! Your deserve it! <3

    1. Thank you darling! ; u ; I hope I can get a nice photoshoot with it later at somepoint~


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