Everything is made of strips

I love reading making of 's and looking at wip pics, and I usually try to post something about how I made my costumes at least after they're finished, but sometimes it's nice to post something while you're actually making it. Especially when I always feel that I'm such a slow maker, though considering I have school and work and other important hobbies I don't get to use all my free time on cosplay. I'm always amazed(and a bit jealous) of the people who churn several new outfits for the next con, every con, and some in between as well. How do you do it?? Do you have time-turners and where can I apply for one?

I really like special headgear
Reading how seemingly useful EVAfoam is supposed to be I decided I should maybe learn to use it and specifically how to make armor with it. I have a small prejudice against Worbla. Not that's it's not useful but it's just so expensive, and usually I tend to be cheap and EVA is definitely more affordable.
I'm not really into Wonder Woman, I think she's maybe more of an American thing, but after seeing the Injustice regime concept art I figured it'd make a nice EVA practise. Some simple but varying armor pieces, next to no sewing. I did use EVAfoam on Kusanagi's shoulders, but it didn't really let me try a lot of different things.
Besides being a nice simple project I already had a long black wig that I ordered for another costume but didn't get around to cut yet, so it'll serve for Diana first.

Let's just say that I think I learned the best methods to work with this material while making the last piece. Figures! But then again that's precisely why I made a practice costume, so I could get to know the material without stressing about that it'd also have to be somehow really good. Since it's been mostly for learning I have also been a bit lazy with it... It could definitely be a lot neater, but that goes with the learning too I think. I know how to do a nicer finish for the next project. 

My first lethal unpractical boobplate

Base paint layer applied.

How to cut wonky stars from a foamboard

 Trying to cipher all the details from a freepainted conceptart is always more or less challenging, so I relied to the game render at some places, and took small artistic liberties where it was really impossible to figure out what was happening or if the gameversion was drastically different.

I've no idea what happened from concept to game because uh
But this thing is eating so much gold paint. So much. I'll be making so many costumes with gold in them, I realized. No I don't have an issue. So much gold.
Here's to hoping the cosplay will look alright when finished though, I'll post more about it later.
I feel like I now have a nice material to continue some started costumes that have been paused because I wasn't sure how to proceed with some parts. It's sturdier and needs different handling than the joga-mat I used for my Demon Hunter armor, but the mat will be useful in some places.

Pink & grey joga-mat armor

But yeah, I'm really good at starting costumes and having several in the making at the same time. Not necessarily actively... but in a 'I could easily quickly already do this part for this costume as well' -way. And because I just get inspired to make some parts when I do.

Everything is made of strips

more strips

11 pieces, now was that really necessary GE?  

Following other people's projects I often feel like I make such simple costumes, and really, I have a lot of beautiful armors and costumes in my folder from GE, Tera, Blade&Soul and other sources, just waiting to be made. I'm happy I'm slowly starting two more intricate costumes just because I haven't really made anything like that before. After Wonder Woman I feel like I might actually be finally up to some more detailed armor, and ah all these plans! 

I do have definite plans too though. I was originally supposed to sign up for Tracon's NCC preliminaries, but because of a tight schedule decided to sit this one out and watch and learn instead. Seeing how fast all the places filled out too was actually a bit intimidating ^^; I'm exited to see all the entries though! 
Azula from ATLA has been on my list for a long time, and it seems like her time has finally come after Yumi attracted a small group around her Sokka plans~ Wig challenge ahead oh boy! Y'all know how I love styling wigs right? And it seems that I now have a good reason to finally finish the Gwendolyn I started 2009 for next summer.
(Edit: though I would totally make P'Li if there was any way I could pull off that hairstyle. Let's forget that she's really tall.)

What about others, do you like reading in between wip posts? Do you like making them? Do you think they're interesting or just boring?


  1. It's really cool to see your WIP-posts! I really want to make an armor some day, but at the moment I'm at loss with materials and I don't have the skill to do them yet either. I can't wait to see the finished Wonder Woman, the armor parts you've done so far look just amazing! *w*

    1. I guess the best idea is just to do some research first, decide your materials and then just start fiddling with it because that's how you learn :) At least for me~ Maybe start with something smaller and go bigger from there. But you get the feeling of the material while you go on. I still haven't tried using Worbla or softfoam for an armor, but maybe I'll get a chance in the future.
      I'll try to post as soon as I get my Tracon photos edited, and I manage to find a snap or two of the finished cosplay somewhere~


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