Hunting idols

I swore I wouldn't do updates before I had some more urgent important stuff out of the way and I finally have, so here yay~ I've never been really that into the GoH's of different cons, mostly because I've never been a 'fangirl' of anything or anyone to the extreme(until I bit nowadays). There have been some that I knew and were somewhat interesting in a 'yeah they made a great anime/manga/whatever' but that's about it. And then Animecon announced they would be having Kaoru Mori.
Be still my heart I simply couldn't pass that up. I don't think you understand how much I love Kaoru Mori. I have a deep love for ethnic costumes, folklore fashion and crafts(there are 55 official ethnic minorities in China alone with beautiful traditional costumes) and I love it every time fashion designers are inspired by folklore. Eva Hoscheck makes the most beautiful modern dirndls. Finnish traditional clothing also has some very nice costumes but I've always been a tad sad things have been so simple here. Besides that I just love her style, art, storytelling and characters, generally pretty much everything. I've been planning to cosplay Amir ever since the first Otoyomegatari book hit the shelves.

signed up for Tracon's table as soon as I heard they needed more representatives~

Since it's been a while I don't really have too much to tell. It was my first time at (Neko)Animecon though I didn't actually see much of the con. I mostly sat behind the table working, or took photos with some friends, and the only program I saw was the GoH program.

Kaoru Mori eeeEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee Kaoru Mori

When she was announced I pondered for a few days if I really really should try to (finally) do Amir for Animecon. I mean, I'm soooo sad they couldn't announce it a few months earlier, because in the end I decided that it would've been such a rush job and being one my dream cosplays(if not THE) I really want to do it well and not rush it. But I was so bummed I couldn't have it for Animecon. You have no idea.
I'm in a spot with materials etc. that I could actually start working on it soon but that was pretty much once in a lifetime chance and I'm so. Sad.
But she was awesome and sweet and I'm happy I got to go and get an autograph.

Guest of honor, yes very nice, I liked very much, traveled far to see and I'm happy. Usually Animecon isn't on my list of cons to go to but you got me this time. Well done Animecon, well done.

On that note, I wasn't very impressed by how the GoH program was handled and hosted, I somehow expected it to be a bit more professional for a guest of Mori's level but of course that's only my opinion.

Afterwards I realized I used so much time trying to learn to use my camrecorder I didn't take more than a few photos. I don't know who the Catallena cosplayers are but I was delighted!


I did have an awesome time though! A con is just as good as the people you hang out with and I got a lot more than I thought I signed up for.

Yeah look at that I'm there too!
Borrowed from Yumi , photo: Ninnu
I had Asuka3 for Saturday and we had discussed maybe taking some photos of it in the lake, so after everything we headed there. Kifia was kind enough to take some of her time to shoot with some lovely assistants. Editing is done by me.
It was rather interesting to dip the cosplay to water, and I was really pleased it held together just fine. No reason it shouldn't have but... you never know.

Did I just hear Shinji crying?

Behind the scenes shenanigans
On Sunday I was allowed to tag a long a photoshoot with Casualty cosplay and some talented photographers, and snap a few shots myself.

Hiron from Casualty Cosplay as Saya from Blood: The Last Vampire.


Yoki from Casualty Cosplay, as her original character Fuyu Jaw´re from Varjella.

That's all I can get my head around right now, some wips and plans to come later~