The Frostbite and wait what happened?

 Better late than never -seems to be my practice with these entries but better late than never rite?
I didn't have anything special thought for this time, except for the little workshop I already advertised in my earlier entry. Mostly the plan was to do tha thing, then spend rest of the con going to lectures and panels and meet friends.
 The workshop went quite well, I think(hope). There were definitely more people than I anticipated, which was good, but since it was the first time and I wasn't exactly sure about the equipment etc. before starting I did get some improvement ideas for the next time. And yes there's going to be a next time! I was asked to keep the workshop in Desucon as well, so if you missed Frostbite fear not, you will have another chance there~

I had one photoshoot agreed before hand, and one surprise one that made me incredibly happy and I can't wait to get the photos from that one I know they're gonna be goooood ah!
Some of them were with the darling Ilona, apparently a few more NGE costumes were supposed to come but didn't manage them in time for the con... Here, imagine my sad face for a second :( But more about those when they publish!

The best Ritsuko

The biggest surprise though; I was scouted for hallcosplay, which in it self is always flattering, and I agreed to participate. I hadn't made the plugsuit to compete with anyway so I though it'd be fun to give it a twirl on the stage. Because you know, it's nice to show people what you've done. Plus I admit I enjoy hanging at the backstage because you get to ogle all the great costumes up close, talk to other cosplayers and be exited with them and everything. The judging is pretty fun too in the end. But the thing, I placed first! Yes, first! Yes. I still need to lul in this a bit. It's just, I've placed before, like in Tracon and that was pretty amazing, but I'm not the person who wins the first place you know? So for me this was extra special. I need to take a pic of my trophy and medal together at some point, just because I have them. Wow.
I did get a lot of positive comments about the costume as well, thank you for everyone who commented! It made me really happy ; u ; This time I was smart and asked for feedback right after the competition. I was happy to hear the judges liked my material choices because that is something I really like to consider myself a lot when I work. How they feel and interact together, or compliment each other. Or at least so I hope. Main thing why I asked for feedback was that you know how when you make a cosplay you always have some things you're unhappy with, or think that you should've done differently or better? I really wanted to know if I'm on par with my own thoughts opposed to what others think. And the things that I got a bit of note on were all the kind that I already felt didn't go quite so well. A small sigh of relief in a way that at least I see my own shortcomings.

Photo Tuomas Siitonen
The winners! Photo Juha Immonen
2nd place: Elina Laine, 1st place: yours truly and 3rd place: Nahvi
Hall cosplay
Photo Tuomas Siitonen
I'm sorry if I looked too serious or unhappy.. You can imagine being completely baffled, and then only thinking 'try to stay in character!' while you kinda feel like grinning from ear to ear with somewhat fraught end result. At least this time I made sure to shake hands with the judges instead of that 'I is confuse' jig I did at Tracon skipping them. Special congratulations for Elina for placing second, the costume was so super neatly done and her first one too!

I actually have terrible stagefright... Yet still I somehow always end up there, even in highschool hosting things, singing, etc... I don't know why I do this to myself when even the though of going up on stage makes me want to throw up in some hidey hole of my own. And this year there's gonna be even more of that.
Fun note; we went to listen to the panel about cosplay competitions abroad and how they're different with the danish cosplayguests, when they started to talk about some stage all exited like 'Yeah we so wanted to get to that big stage!' You can imagine my face when who the hell wants to go willingly up on a stage? Apparently I am going to.

And I have a friend who keeps saying we should do skits.

(I actually have nothing against skits, if we could just you know... remove the stage and the audience.)

My time 'well' managed I did a poor, poor job at taking photos. Here are the few I actually did take, minus some Casualty cosplay Amira & Karluk photos that will follow.