There is no Ghost in the Shell

I'm gonna be productive and do this little Desucon update right away so it won't linger on for an eternity. Simply put I had a blast! Awesome people, great costumes, nice program... Even Desuweather failed us and it was mostly warm and sunny. Again, the photos are free to use, credit would be nice though and if you find a photo of yourself you wish not to be here contact me and I shall take it down.

I missed one lecture that I really wanted to see because I was late and the door was closed.. and.. I'm too shy.. usually just to waltz in a small room in the middle ..of someone talking.. A new problem I don't think I've encountered before. 

After Cosvision there wasn't too much time before Desucon and though I've started a few costumes already I figured I didn't have quite enough time to finish any of those in time. I needed something simple to make fairly fast and Motoko has been on my folder for a long time already. I decided to make her section 9 battle suit from The 2nd gig (which, considering it's June and the suit is mostly black fake leather was a brilliant idea of course).
There were no special challenges really, except for her glasses which aren't more than a teensy bit see through in the end. They are heat-formed acrylic with 'see-through' glass paint that I was recommended by a hobbyshop for the purpose. Otherwise the costume is silver lycra with black fake leather. I would actually had preferred to use something else for it, since in most places the suit is not pitch black but mostly just really dark grey, and I would've loved it to be a bit thicker and sturdier. The problem was that the material matches everything from gun to boots and it seems they just avoided using straight up black in the anime/figures in general. So black it was and Eurokangas didn't really have anything better to offer. 
The shoulders and beltbuckle are EVA-foam, rest of the armor bits are cut from a PVC-sheet, painted, weathered and sealed. At the beginning I considered the crop jacket to be one the ugliest things I've made(quality -wise) but it actually ended quite nice and is my favorite piece of this cosplay.

I had a photoshoot(exited!) and will probably get the results later, but Yumi was kind enough to snap a couple of photos of my costume. I knew the magical black wall would be spot on for Motoko, and Yumi knows how to use it too. And after seeing the photos I'm more than grateful she did and I that I gathered enough courage to ask.
The result of awesome things like these is a tummy ached bf after he laughed for me rolling on the floor because of all the feels. All in all the whole weekend made me feel so humble, all these crazy talented, nice people who I talked with and I just.  

Photo © YumiKoyuki

Photo © YumiKoyuki

Photo © YumiKoyuki

There might be a small change of plans regarding my next challenges, but I'm going to wait for some official news before I make any definite decisions. *cryptic*