Yukicon in the middle of winter

Yukicon was and went and I feel like it was already ages ago. It ended so early and we were home so quickly it lacked the whole 'convention-trip' aspect plus I've been working pretty intensively(yeah actual work) for the week.

So yeah we had an Avatar group! My fist group experience has been incredibly fun and I'm wondering if the bar has been set a bit high now. We ended up being a group of five; Katara, Sokka, Mai, Zuko and Azula, meeting Aang, Yue, Ty Lee and Avatar Kyoshi on the way. We also decided to take part in the group competition since, well we had a group and thought it'd be fun. (which it was)

Did I say we had fun? We had fun.
Photo by Ada Ristimäki

Considering how little program the con had to offer, I actually went to more than I usually do. Meeting the cosplay GoH Shappi was also super awesome, so down-to-earth and just the kind of person you love to hang out with. Some polish conventions were discussed of. And I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one,

Photo from Shappi's facebookpage.
We placed second in the competition which was a really superb surprise for someone who actually didn't go that much to compete. Yay! The medal is super cute too.
I'm sorry if I don't have too much to say of Yukicon, I've been reading other groupmember's posts and I feel like there are not much words left for me. I had fun, everything was fun. I didn't even take any photos besides couple of selfie things with my phone, but I did take some video on Sunday.

by Ada Ristimäki

by Keychainy
by me
by Yumi

Apparently derping is a cosplayart, but unfortunately I'm not very skilled or practised on that area. Here is a pretty photo Yumi was kind enough to snap and edit for me instead <3

Photo and editing YumiKoyuki

I think I'll write a little post about the costume with wips a bit later, right now I'm a tad tired from my tight workschedule so it's difficult to properly sort out my thoughts.

Photo by YumKoyuki
editing me