Don't let the Frostbite ...bite

Sorry for the bad pun but headlines are always hard to come up with!
Frostbite was last weekend and uh it went by so fast. Between working on Saturday and having couple of photoshoots on Sunday I wished I'd seen a bit more of the program that I did.

Originally I was supposed to make a new costume for Frostbite, then after Yukicon decided I wouldn't  have time with everything I need to get done and decided I'd just bring Asuka instead. Then a week before the con I was like 'you know I have enough done so that in theory, I might be able to pull the costume off after all'. With a little help from a friend who came by and gave a hand with some buttons and loops and such I somehow managed it. Some parts need a bit of adjusting, and I didn't get a proper shoot but Yumi was a darling and took couple of quick snaps for me.

I made Hellena's Arcana Circus version from Granado Espada and this has so many silly parts oh god. I've been wanting to make it for a really long time and I'm superhappy I finally found a spot for it. It feels really nice to have finally something that's been hanging around in your folders done.
In general Hellena is probably the most 'feminine' costume I've made and I feel really out of place in it for that. Also it's always a good idea to make something that is sure to lose your waist, but I knew that when I decided to make it so I can't really blame anyone.

Photos by YumiKoyuki, editing done by me

Frostbite was a blast. Nothing more to it. I had awesome time judging Hallcosplay and had the best co-judges <3 On Sunday we had booked a photoshoot time as a group for our Avatar cosplays so I had Azula as a second costume.

The thing is I just got a new camera, 7D, that I've been eyeing for a while. I just didn't have any time to try it before the weekend so I spent some time trying to figure out how to work it... On Sunday Yaci was kind enough to show me how you change the focuspoint for heavens sake. I really need to learn how to work it. I did get some photos though, so here's my humble batch from the weekend~

We also spotted a Toph, and since the Team Avatar was other wise complete here we asked if she wanted to  take some TeamA photos with us. I'm not in them. Azula is doomed to be forever alone *sob* Just you wait, when we have a summer shoot she'll burn y'all to the ground!

She had a Korra with her as well.

I'll really try to find some time for small wip-posts next xP


  1. I love your Granados Espada costume, I think it suits you well!

  2. I love your Granados Espada costume, I think it suits you well!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm sorry for such a late reply, I was so busy with the WCS preliminaries this summer I didn't have time to take care of the blog :<


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