"All hail the great Uniter!" aka small Popcult photohaul part 1.

No, no Kuvira sadly but bunch of other TLoK characters none the less. I visited Popcult last weekend and well it was a nice little con. I didn't get to see too much of it, since I actually ended up representing for another convention there (and got a free ticket harharhar [but no really there were some last minute chances because some people couldn't attend after all]), but saw couple of lectures and did a bit of photosnooping around. The venue was nice and we casually scouted a perfect park near by for a summer Korra shoot~

I had planned to make Asami for the con but in a kind of 'it'll happen if it'll happen' way since I had a lot of deadlines the same week. And being the responsible adult I am, Asami has been postponed to Ropecon. I think she'll fit to the steampunkish feeling just fine.

But I had one really good reason too because on Monday we put together our portfolio for the WCS preliminaries with Yumi! So naturally I worked on that too the previous week. Sorry Asami, you simply weren't more important. Now we'll just wait to hear if we get to compete in the preliminaries or not (fingers crossed!).

And this. These two really made my day, they are spot on!

Why be anything else when you can be absolutely fabulous.

The guest of honor Jarmo Koski.

I also have a small bunch of TLoK photos, but I'll be posting those a bit later since I'm still going through them. Next month it will be time for Ropecon, who's going??