tiistai 26. elokuuta 2014

Everything is made of strips

I love reading making of 's and looking at wip pics, and I usually try to post something about how I made my costumes at least after they're finished, but sometimes it's nice to post something while you're actually making it. Especially when I always feel that I'm such a slow maker, though considering I have school and work and other important hobbies I don't get to use all my free time on cosplay. I'm always amazed(and a bit jealous) of the people who churn several new outfits for the next con, every con, and some in between as well. How do you do it?? Do you have time-turners and where can I apply for one?

I really like special headgear

maanantai 25. elokuuta 2014

Hunting idols

I swore I wouldn't do updates before I had some more urgent important stuff out of the way and I finally have, so here yay~ I've never been really that into the GoH's of different cons, mostly because I've never been a 'fangirl' of anything or anyone to the extreme(until I bit nowadays). There have been some that I knew and were somewhat interesting in a 'yeah they made a great anime/manga/whatever' but that's about it. And then Animecon announced they would be having Kaoru Mori.
Be still my heart I simply couldn't pass that up. I don't think you understand how much I love Kaoru Mori. I have a deep love for ethnic costumes, folklore fashion and crafts(there are 55 official ethnic minorities in China alone with beautiful traditional costumes) and I love it every time fashion designers are inspired by folklore. Eva Hoscheck makes the most beautiful modern dirndls. Finnish traditional clothing also has some very nice costumes but I've always been a tad sad things have been so simple here. Besides that I just love her style, art, storytelling and characters, generally pretty much everything. I've been planning to cosplay Amir ever since the first Otoyomegatari book hit the shelves.

signed up for Tracon's table as soon as I heard they needed more representatives~